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What drives us most is pushing the boundaries of what a production plant can achieve and what value it creates for you as a customer. With over 35 years in the sector, we are one of Europe's most competent integrators in the automation of MIG, TIG, plasma, resistance and laser welding.


We develop automation solutions of all sizes; from a collaborative welding robot to turnkey solutions with handling robots, welding stations and production lines. And everything in between. Common to all our solutions is that they are adapted to your needs.

Enter into a partnership with us

Collaborating with us is an on-going partnership. Together we identify your needs and you are involved when we develop your automation solution.

We consider ourselves to be more like consulting engineers than just suppliers of a product.

Once your solution has been delivered and put into operation, we can continuously assess whether new technological initiatives can further optimise your production.


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"Right from the start, we relied on Migatronic Automation’s expertise..."

Roy Mæland, General Manager, Aarsland Stål & Lakk, Norway


"We had heard of other suppliers of robots, but not all of them were experienced in designing customised welding solutions. Right from the start, we relied on Migatronic Automation’s expertise and ability to advise on customised welding solutions for the metal industry. Before we started up our co-operation, we felt insecure about our ability to operate state-of-the-art welding robots. It turned out to be quite easy though."


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He who has the ability has the duty

We possess important knowledge that obliges us to help improve our society. Through innovation and passion for what we do, we challenge the established way of thinking and contribute to significant production progress through automation.

Call us geniuses, nerds or technological talents – we think innovatively, we challenge the established way of thinking and develop automation solutions that take your welding production to a whole new level.





We specialise in welding

As a subsidiary of Migatronic A/S, which develops and manufactures welding machines, we have our roots in the welding industry. Through Migatronic, we always have access to the latest knowledge about welding technology.

Experienced welding specialists are involved in the development of your automation solution.




The best robot for the job

We work closely with all leading robot suppliers and advise them on welding.

In return, we benefit from their knowledge of robot development and always choose the robot or robots that can best carry out your welding and handling processes.



Jobs and careers

We are an innovation house that places emphasis on a high level of professionalism. We therefore look for the most skilled specialists in many different areas of work, all of whom help to develop the welding automation of the future in their own way.


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Come and visit us

See which industry and automation fairs we participate in. You are always welcome to visit our stand, meet us and have a chat about welding automation.


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ISO 9001: Certified

Our quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001 and is continuously developed to ensure continued customer satisfaction and value creation. We pursue concrete and ambitious improvement goals in all functions and at all levels of the company.

We are in open dialogue with our customers about their needs and expectations and systematically process the collected customer information. We do this to ensure continuous optimisation and quality improvement of our products and services and thus increased customer satisfaction.

The story behind the success

In the 1980s, Migatronic experienced an increasing need for automated welding solutions. Instead of only supplying welding machines to the industry, the company wanted to be able to offer complete integration solutions.

Against this background, Migatronic Automation was established as a subsidiary of the Migatronic Group in 1985. The first solutions were semi-automatic, but over time we developed the know-how and expertise to develop fully automated robot solutions as well.

Historical overview

1985 – Migatronic Automation is established as a subsidiary of Migatronic

1989 – First welding robot is sold

1994 – Resistance welding is offered in solutions

1996 – First major automotive industry order for Autoliv for welding airbags is received

2002 – First orders for VW/Sitech with 75 robots

2009 -  Opening of process centre and 3D measurement centre at the factory in Aabybro

2010 – ISO 9001 certified

2011 – First laser welding system delivered (to Grundfos)

2016 – CoWelder is launched with Migatronic

2020 - 35th anniversary


Do you want to know more about us?

Do you want to know more about who we are and what we do? Take a tour of our production hall and welding process centre. See an automation solution up close and meet the people developing the solutions. Contact us to find out more.




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We develop the best turn-key solutions you can get in automated welding. They are custom-designed to your requirements and you can only get from us.

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