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An innovative workplace

Only specilists can develop the future of automated welding.
Migatronic Automation is an innovative workplace where you will be part of
an inspiring and ambitious specialist team.


Professionalism and concentration

Here, professionalism and deep concentration characterise the work environment. All our automation solutions are adapted to each of our customers. That gives you the opportunity to develop new ways of making automation solutions. This is where magic begins; when we become inspired and get new ideas.

We work in teams with interdisciplinary project stuctures and decision-making processes are short and concise.

Nerdy, but only periodically

You may call us brilliant, nerdy or technologically talented – we are innovative in developing automated solutions
that take welding production to a quite new level. We believe that the best ideas arise when we work together. Doing that, we can develop everything in terms of innovative welding robot cells, turnkey-solutions and automated solutions.




The world of automation is changing constantly and in a fast face. We are looking for the best professionals within many professions.

Are you interested in working at Migatronic Automation? Please find our vacancies here.


We develop the best turn-key solutions you can get in automated welding. They are custom-designed to your requirements and you can only get from us.

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