TIG boxes for robot welding

Fully automatic control and replacement of tungsten electrode in TIG robot welding optimises the production process and increases the output. Make your automated TIG welding production complete. Perfectly ground tungsten electrodes improve the quality of your welded products and make you more competitive. Avoid faulty workpieces.

Increases production time to over 90%

The two systems ensure fast and perfect control and replacement of tungsten electrodes, eliminating the manual routine assignments which used to be a condition for optimal running of a TIG production.

They also help to reduce the quantity of wrongly manufactured workpieces, resulting from a worn tungsten electrode, to an absolute minimum.

The production time can be improved from around 70% to over 90% for newly developed as well as existing TIG robot welding plants.


TIG vision box optimises production

TIG Vision Box automatically controls the tungsten electode to ensure an always perfectly ground tungsten electrode.

  • No wrongly manufactured workpieces resulting from a defective tungsten electrode
  • Eliminates routine jobs a manually checking the quality of the tungsten electrode
  • Reduces unnecessary downtime on the plant and increases production time
  • Gives better, repeatable welding quality


This is how TIG vision box functions

The TIG torch is placed in the vision box at optional intervals. A camera shoots the electrode, and the photo is checked against a reference photo.

If the deviation measured in pixels is too large, the box will notify that it is necessary to replace the tungsten electrode.

TIG Wolfram Box optimises production

TIG Wolfram Box automatically replaces the tungsten electrode.

  • Ensures fast and perfect replacement of tungsten electrode, positioned precisely with correct stick-out
  • Eliminates the routine job of manually replacing tungsten electrodes
  • Increases production time from 70% to over 90%
  • Reduces the quantity of wrongly manufactured workpieces, resulting from a worn tungsten electrode, to an absolute minimum
  • Gives better, repeatable welding quality
This is how TIG Wolfram Box functions

A defective tungsten electrode is replaced by a new one at pre-programmed intervals or in combination with TIG Vision Box, which automatically controls the quality of the tungsten electrode.

The system releases the defective tungsten electrode from the torch and drops it into a box. Subsequently, a new tungsten electrode is placed in the torch precisely and with correct stick-out.

Used tungsten electrodes can be ground and placed in the robot plant for reuse.


For new and existing robot plants

In new complete robot plants, TIG Vision Box and TIG Wolfram Box become integrated in the overall control. Both boxes can be retro-fitted in existing plants.

When combined with control, replacement of tungsten electrodes is done fully automatically.

We develop the best turn-key solutions you can get in automated welding. They are custom-designed to your requirements and you can only get from us.


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