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We provide you with comprehensive, professional consultancy so you can be sure that your investment in automation will be a win for your business and give you a competitive advantage.



”Under no circumstances could we develop an installation without first asking about the customers’ needs. Advice is quite simply the foundation of our business"

- Claus Pagh, Key Account & Process Specialist, Migatronic Automation


Your needs are in focus

All factors are examined and assessed when we develop the optimal automation solution for your production.

This applies to all details such as welding quality, workpiece quantity requirements and a minimal error rate. This applies to resources in the form of time, available specialists, space in the production hall and not least finances. All this is the basis for which solution will bring the greatest gain for your business.

We dare to claim that any welding process regardless of complexity and any handling of welded items regardless of size and shape can be automated.


"They did not try to present us with a simple standard solution."

Carl Jørn Jacobsen, Welding Technician, Logitrans, Denmark, Ribe


"The specialist knowhow and expertise of Migatronic Automation quickly became an important asset in the development process. They did not try to present us with a simple standard solution. Instead, they assessed our needs thoroughly and provided us with great consultancy throughout the process, which resulted in the best possible automated welding solution for us. Migatronic Automations project-based approach to the task has been exemplary."


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You are involved in all stages of your investment

Collaborating with us is an on-going partnership. Our project-based approach ensures a structured investment process, where you are involved in all phases. This includes assessment of your needs and requirements, ROI calculations, welding tests, schedule and design and visualisation of the solution.

Our collaboration does not end when your automation solution has been implemented. Together, we can continuously assess whether new technological initiatives can optimise your solution so that you can get an even greater return on your investment.


You get access to welding specialists

Welding is a complicated process to automate. You need to consider plate thickness, throat thickness, gas protection and how heating will impact the steel. Name more challenges yourself.

When you work together with us, you gain access to more than 35 years of experience in the automation of MIG, TIG, plasma, resistance and laser welding.

As a subsidiary of Migatronic A/S, which develops and manufactures welding machines, we have our roots in the welding industry. Through Migatronic, we have access to the latest knowledge about welding technology. Experienced welding specialists are involved in the development of your automation solution.


"Migatronic Automation's entire setup just went smoothly and professionally"

Anders Ohloson, Project Manager Autoliv, Sweden


"The communication and the whole setup of Migatronic Automation just ran smoothly and professionally – from consulting us early on in the process with a view to further clarifying our needs and requirements to developing the advanced automated welding systems, and finally implementing and fine-tuning them in our existing production facilities."


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You get the robot brand you want

Your needs and requirements are the most important factors in the development of your automation solution. We choose the robot(s) that can best carry out your welding and handling processes.

We work closely together with leading robot manufacturers from all over the world. This applies to the delivery of precision robots, specially developed robots for welding as well as pick-and-place, handling robots, peripherals and software.

At the same time, our engineers are experts in robot integration and programming. In this way, you have access to the latest knowledge in robot technology.


Is your production to be automated?

Any welding and handling process can be automated. Yours too. We give you thorough, professional advice, and always have your needs in focus. In this way, you can be sure that your investment will profit your business. Tell us about your business so we can find the best solution together.



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We develop the best turn-key solutions you can get in automated welding. They are custom-designed to your requirements and you can only get from us.

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