Your new welding assistant is a robot

CoWelder is an affordable way to get started with welding automation. It is perfect for welding uncomplicated workpieces, regardless of quantity and frequency. CoWelder ensures maximum flexibility, easy programming and consistently high welding quality.



Weld from day one

CoWelder is developed for professional welding productions. It is a collaborative robot (a so-called cobot) that is designed to work together with people in a shared workplace - without the need for a safety fencing. The cobot has several built-in safety management functions and is CE approved. Visit our CoWelder website and build your own CoWelder. 


Get more arc time  
Weld in the shortest possible time and produce more.


Achieve maximum flexibility  
Adjust your series production to your orders.


Improve welding quality  
Achieve entirely consistent, high-quality welds.


Set your welders free 
Remove the dull and time-consuming work from skilled welders.



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"In the past, our employees had to weld the small components manually..."


Morten Jørgensen, Production Manager, Ole Almeborg, Denmark

"In the past, our employees had to weld the small components manually, which is difficult and time-consuming work. CoWelder now assumes this task to perfection. We have therefore invested in another CoWelder, and we are now already considering buying a third and a fourth."


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Get to know us

Henrik Søfelde, Robot Technician

I serviced robots for 10 years before I started here at Migatronic Automation. I have specialised in our collaborative welding robot CoWelder, for which I develop new features together with our software developers.

In addition, I set up and program Fanuc robots and point welding systems, both when new plants are being built and when customers need professional feedback and help to optimise their existing solutions. I also teach when there are courses in robot programming.

No two days are the same here, and I talk to many different people every day. I work closely with our service technician and welding specialists, so robots and welding machines interact in the best possible way.

I can go online on customer solutions and provide remote assistance. Sometimes we can solve challenges at an installation via remote assistance, other times we visit the customer. No matter what, it is a good feeling every time all the technology works and the solution produces as it should.

Do you want to know more about CoWelder?

Ask all the questions you can think of and we will find one of our CoWelder specialists who can answer them. 





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