Achieve maximum operational reliability on your automation solution


We know your automation solution in every detail, right down to the smallest screw - because we built it. Therefore, we can provide you with the best service and optimise your automation solution so that you achieve maximum reliability.


Customer-specific service agreement

Sign a service agreement with us and get service and support that is tailored precisely to your automation solution and the needs of your production.

A service agreement can, for example, include maintenance and inspection of robots and manipulators, data backup and maintenance and validation of welding machines. We also assess wear and tear and carry out safety checks.

Different options allow you to match the agreement specifically to your needs. You can have a service inspection one, two or three times a year, as you choose.

Contact us to hear more about your options.


Ad hoc service

We know that there can be major consequences for your delivery capability if your automation solution does not produce the required amount of workpieces.

You can of course contact us at any time if acute problems arise that need to be resolved quickly. We can send one of our skilled service technicians to you, or we can assess your solution via remote diagnosis.


Contact service if acute problems arise:

+45 96962770



"We have never felt left on our own."

Henrik Juel Madsen, Production Manager, R82


"We have never felt left on our own. When we encountered some complicated challenges with our installation, dedicated service technicians at Migatronic Automation were available very quickly. They have been very persistent and together we have got things sorted out. It gives us a sense of security to know that a professional service organisation is ready to help us so that we can maintain operationally reliable production"




Process optimisation of your solution

Servicing and maintenance are also about process optimisation of your solution. One of our process technicians can assess whether parts of your automation solution can be optimised so that you get the maximum possible out of your investment. For example, by increasing capacity so that you can produce more or by improving welding quality.

Contact us to hear how we can optimise your automated processes.


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Programming courses

You can participate in both basic and special courses in robot programming with us. If you choose a special course, you help specify what the course should contain. The course can be held at your company or at our premises in Aabybro.


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Do you need service?

Irrespective of whether your automation systems are new or old, they need servicing and maintenance. At the same time, we can continuously assess whether your installations can be optimised so that you get the most out of your investment. Contact us to find out more.





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We develop the best turn-key solutions you can get in automated welding. They are custom-designed to your requirements and you can only get from us.

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