Why automate?

Because it makes sense


By automating entire processes or parts of your production, you increase the chances
of gaining market shares and beating your competitors.

You do this because automation:

  •  makes your processes more efficient
  •  increases productivity
  •  ensures high quality and uniformity


All this makes you a stable and reliable supplier.

It benefits your competitiveness and makes you more attractive than your competitors.

What challenges do you face in your production?

You cannot keep up with demand

Maybe because you are lacking manpower? With automated processes, you can produce faster, without breaks and operate around the clock. You can accept more or larger orders and, in short, produce more. This increases productivity.

Your quality fluctuates

With automated processes, you can be sure that all items are handled and welded exactly the same every time. This results in high quality and uniformity.

Your error rate is too high

With automation, your workpieces are handled and welded with an accuracy that manual processes cannot emulate. Your production will become more reliable.

Your processes are out of date

With automation, your workpieces are processed quickly in optimised processes. You avoid unnecessary handling or treating. You produce in a smarter way and become more efficient.

Do you have other considerations?

It is too expensive

Automation will always be a win for you in the long term. We can help you getting the financial overview and calculating how your investment can provide the best possible ROI.

You do not have the right skills

Your automated processes can be adapted to the rest of the production. It depends on your needs. We also offer robot programming courses so you can upgrade key employees.

Automation is not flexible enough

If you have to weld different parts or at varying intervals, we take this into account, e.g. by developing intelligent fixtures that are right for you. You can get the flexibility you need in an automation solution.

You have no experience with automation

You enter into a partnership with us and are never alone if you don't want to. We thoroughly go through all your requirements. And you are involved in the development process and during implementation. We also offer ongoing servicing and maintenance.

"We knew that some form of automated solution was necessary"

Benjamin Ganic, Supervisor and Welding Coordinator, Øglænd system, Norway


"We knew that some form of automated solution was needed in order to keep up with demand and stay competitive. But acquiring an automated solution is not only important to production efficiency, costs and uniformity in welding finish. It is also about taking care of our manufacturing workers by relieving them from a high degree of manual labour."


Read the case

Get to know us

Henrik Hvims Christensen, Automation Specialist

The essence of my work is to clarify customers' needs and guide them in the right direction. I am both an advisor and salesman. I visit the customer at the beginning of a collaboration to see the production and the workpieces. It is the best way to get to know a new customer in order to ultimately meet their needs. For example, there is a big difference between whether a customer has experience with automated processes or not.

It is my job to make sure that the solution we develop matches the customer’s resources - from floor space in production to the finances. I use that information when preparing the final offer. I have a background as a machine technician and mechanical designer, so I have the technical insight it takes to be able to familiarise myself with the customer's needs.

I like to be involved in creating something. It is extremely motivating when, together with the customer, we develop something new, perhaps something unique, that makes them more competitive and improves their ROI.



Do you want to know if automation makes sense for you?


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